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    About us



      BHZ KOSPOL has been in the construction machinery market since 2002. The company has earned a reputation as being the provider of the best quality services and products for the Polish and foreign markets, to both equipment users and trade companies.

      The objective of the company is to provide all spare parts for the following machinery:

      1. Huta Stalowa Wola S.A.
        • track dozer TD-7H TD-8H TD-9H TD-12C SG-15 TD-15C TD-15E TD-15H TD-20E TD-20G TD-20H TD-25C TD-25G TD-25E TD-25H TD-40B TD-40C TD-40H
        • wheel loader 510C 510E 515C 515E 520C 520E 530E Ł-34 L-34 Ł-34B 534 555B 560B 560C
        • backhoe loader 9.30 9.50
        • pipelayer SB-30 SB-60 SB-85
      2. Waryński M-150H M-250H K-606 K-611
      3. Fadroma Wrocław ŁK1 ŁK1ACD ŁK07 ŁK2AC ŁK2ACD ŁK4 Ł-200 Ł201A
      4. International Harvester,
      5. DRESSTA,
      6. JCB.


    • Our position in the market has allowed us to establish direct cooperation with the largest manufactures in the industry. Our Years of experience allows us to help you select the most appropriate spare parts.

      Visit spare parts and Ł34 Catalogue tabs and submit your inquiries. We will do our best to provide you with the most recent information about the product you are interested in within 24 hours.