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    Spare parts

    • We sell spare parts for construction machinery from the following manufacturers:

      1. Huta Stalowa Wola S.A.
        • track dozer TD-7H TD-8H TD-9H TD-12C SG-15 TD-15C TD-15E TD-15H TD-20E TD-20G TD-20H TD-25C TD-25G TD-25E TD-25H TD-40B TD-40C TD-40H
        • wheel loader 510C 510E 515C 515E 520C 520E 530E Ł-34 L-34 Ł-34B 534 555B 560B 560C
        • backhoe loader 9.30 9.50
        • pipelayer rur SB-30 SB-60 SB-85
      2. Waryński M-150H M-250H K-606 K-611
      3. Fadroma Wrocław ŁK1 ŁK1ACD ŁK07 ŁK2AC ŁK2ACD ŁK4 Ł-200 Ł201A
      4. International Harvester,
      5. DRESSTA,
      6. JCB.

    • In order to check our stock levels, download the following file. Stock levels: file for download

      Ordered parts:
      • are sent by DHL
      • can be personally picked up
      • or you can specify another delivery manner.